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A Nanny Is Devoted To The Children

Although a nanny is traditionally live-in child care help, at Nae Nae’s Appleseeds Child Care, we use the concept of a nanny to provide loving, individualized care to infants and pre-school age children.

A nanny is a child care provider with a specialized knowledge of children – their development, needs, likes and dislikes, interests and health. This person is typically responsible for planning and providing learning experiences designed to promote physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. This includes teaching manners, sportsmanship and getting along with others.

In short, a nanny becomes a role model and helps children to grow and feel secure when they are away from their parents.

A Nanny Provides a Nurturing Environment

Above all else, a nanny provides an environment designed to offer love and nurturing. At Nae Nae’s Appleseeds Child Care, that is exactly what our providers do.

We are a professional Child Care facility that is fully licensed and insured. We provide loving care to children, seven days a week in northwest Las Vegas so that your child feels comfortable and secure when you can’t be there.

Specializing in infants, we offer age-appropriate activities for all children based on their abilities, interests and special needs. With the ideal of a nanny as a model, we are devoted to each and every child in our care.

On a daily basis, we encourage children to grow and develop to the fullest of their abilities with guided activities and individual planning. We have created a routine that helps to maximize each child’s experience.

• Morning Greeting Songs, Calendar, Pledge
• Center Activities, Blocks, Paint, Cut, Color, Computer
• Snacks
• Indoor/Outdoor Activities (weather-dependent)
• Clean-up/Washing hands
• Lunch (Quiet Activities)
• Nap Time
• Snacks
• Center activities, Crafts, Homework, Computers
• Indoor/Outdoor Activities (weather-dependent)

Our Mission

This may seem very much like a typical day at any child care facility, but what sets us apart at Nae Nae’s Appleseeds Child Care is our unshakable belief in treating all children with respect. That is why we embrace the role of the Nanny as a child advocate and role model so that all of our children can learn first-hand the meaning and beauty of respect.

Contact us today to learn more about our program that will provide safe, healthful, loving care for your child.

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