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Infants Are Special

When you are in the position of having to leave your infant with a child care provider, it is important to know that the care your child will receive from his or her baby-sitter is just as loving and attentive as what you would provide yourself.

At Nae Nae’s Appleseeds Child Care, we specialize in infant care and take that responsibility quite seriously. Although we use the term ‘baby sitter’, we ensure that each care giver is well-trained, loving and nurturing, devoted to the infants under our care. As a fully licensed and insured facility, we provide only the best for your child.

The role of your child’s baby sitter is actually quite detailed. We know that babies need time to sleep, be cuddled and be encouraged to explore the world within their grasp. Infants in our care are not left to cry it out in cribs or play yards and they are not coddled throughout the day.

As you know, it is sometimes difficult to strike the right balance between interacting with a baby and leaving the child alone, and that is the difference at Nae Nae’s Appleseeds Child Care. We take the time to understand each and every child so that they can develop their own relationship with the world around them.

It Is Never Too Early for Respect

Our core belief at Nae Nae’s Appleseeds Child Care is that all children must be treated with respect. That means that we try to adapt to their needs, not fit them in around ours. Each baby sitter provides loving, nurturing care in order to help every child learn that there is security in their life and they can begin to develop a positive self-image. Their needs are important and will be met.

For quality child care in a warm, loving environment, contact Nae Nae’s Appleseeds Child Care to find out how we will provide a positive atmosphere and a dedicated baby sitter for your child.

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