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Nae Nae's Appleseeds is now enrolling ages 2 months to 5 years old! Now offering no registration fees for new students. Please call to schedule a tour.

At the heart of every apple lies the core and the core of the apple seeds lies a commitment of encouraging, learning and growth in children at every stage of development. From the seedlike beginning of infanthood to the branching out stages of preschooler.

Welcome To Nae Nae's Appleseeds Child Care

It Is All About Trust

Leaving your child in someone else’s care is always a difficult thing to do. It is critical that you and your child feel comfortable with the location and the people involved, and that is what guides all of our programs at Nae Nae’s Appleseeds Child Care.

When it comes to finding the right child care environment for your infant or toddler, trust is a major factor. At Nae Nae’s Appleseeds Child Care, our mission statement says it all: All children must be treated with respect. We believe that all children have the right to safe, healthful, loving care, and to opportunities for developmental activities according to their ages, special needs, talents, and interests.

As a fully-licensed and insured child care provider, Nae Nae’s Appleseeds Child Care ensures the physical and emotional well-being of each child.

In the course of every day, there are plenty of opportunities for socialization, quiet play, nutritious meals and snacks, and nap time. Play occurs indoors and outdoors, weather permitting, and there are a variety of center activities and artistic outlets to stimulate creativity and encourage accomplishment.

Our Objectives Mirror Yours

Simply put, parents want the best for their children. To that end, we have developed guidelines and objectives to reach the same goals:

• A safe environment
• Fun activities
• Encouragement of social, emotion and intellectual development
• Promotion of physical development
• Quality, loving care
• Personal and individualized attention
• Development of confidence and a positive self-image

Your Child’s Home Away from Home

At Nae Nae’s Appleseeds Child Care in northwest Las Vegas, we strive to enrich your child’s daily experience with loving care and activities designed with his or her age and abilities in mind.

Nae Nae's Appleseeds Child Care

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